The 4 Documents below that form our Rules have been modified at an AGM since they were approved in 2011

The Twinshock with a sidecar attached (tw-s/c) has been incorporated into the Pre67 sidecar class for points and awards 2012 AGM

Clubs no longer pay a subscription to the SE Centre Trials Combine to qualify for a Championship round 2013 AGM

further modifications will be listed as they are agreed

The updates to 2010 SE Centre Trials Combine Rules were accepted at the AGM in October 2011

South Eastern Centre Trials Regulations 2010   DOCUMENT1       

South Eastern Centre Trials Championship Conditions 2010    DOCUMENT2   

South Eastern Centre Trials Constitution 2010   DOCUMENT3                   

South Eastern Centre Trials Championship Regulations 2010   DOCUMENT4   

The following should be read in conjunction with the 2010 documents

Rule Changes with effect from the 1st Jan 2010 - The Youth classes A, B & C are replaced by Youth Elite, Youth Expert, Youth Intermediate, Youth Novice and Youth Beginner. Entries to each class are to be based on ability not by age, bikes according to age in the ACU Handbook must be used, there is no requirement for the championship winners to upgrade at the end of the season unless it is determined that they are ready to upgrade. There is no change to Youth D class or to the Electric bike class.

Rule changes with effect from 1st Jan 2012 - The method of marking at all SE Championship rounds is to be TSR22B Non-Stop. The Groups in the SE Centre will determine themselves what method they use in their group championship events.

At all SE Championship events the rider numbers are to have the same coloured background that corresponds to the riders class. Non-Championship events may use rider numbers that the club deem suitable.