Minutes of the SE Centre Trials Combine meeting 19th April 2007


Present: Bexleyheath, Dorking, Double Five, Erith, Gest Trials, Kent Youth, Sittingbourne, Sunbeam, Talmag, Thames, 96 Trials Club, Sidcup, Witley,  (13 clubs with 19 members present)

Chair: Jim Connor

Apologies for absence: Ray Denyer, Barry Wilmot, Alan Clarke and Brian Read.

Minutes of Last Meeting: Ok

Matters Arising:

The winner of the Expert Championship for 2006 will be discussed at Rugby week commencing 23rd April and we should have a recommendation soon after.

SE Centre Team Trial rider categories queried, trial is held on 22nd April, it is on a single route so there is no problem if a rider wishes to ride up a class, there will be a problem if a rider wants to ride down. Organisers have queries on some of the riders. Discussion ensued.

2007 Championship Trials Dates:

A schedule of dates set out on the agenda giving the cut off date in which clubs need to get regs to the TSM, from those present all are ok. This schedule is published on the combine website.

Stewards Reports:

A decision is to be made tonight if we wished to see these reports. Discussion ensued.

Having these reports available to us was imperative if we needed to resolve a problem or make a recommendation on a future trial.

We can also get the view of the riders via an online survey or commission our own report.

We as the combine need to steer how trials are run in our Centre and these reports are a part of that.

We as the combine have a right to them so all we need to ascertain is the mechanism for getting them. Proposal made and seconded that ‘we see all Stewards reports for trials held in the SE Centre’; For 12, Against 1, no abstentions; Carried.

    Action SW & JC


The main body of the SE Centre Handbook has been rewritten and now the four disciplines need to sort their part. Discussion ensued.

Do we scrap the rules and start again.

Should we insist that all trials clubs in the Centre pay a subscription, why not scrap the fee and all are enrolled automatically; the subs are only £10 a year and this is used for room hire, trophies, administration costs and events that we run.

The Combine has control over Open to Centre trials and all the trials clubs that are in the Centre.

Once our rules are updated we need to be able to enforce them and we should write to those who do not yet appear to have paid, to encourage them to.

The Groups that are running trials on Combine Sunday are running things ok; it is the other Sundays in the month that we need to look at.

All clubs should be part of the combine and, only those who are should be able to get Permits. Proposal made and seconded that ‘clubs who want to get a Permit for any trial at any level must be a paid up member of the SE Centre Trials Combine’; For 11, Against 0, Abstentions 2; Carried

    Action SW & JC

Championship Classes:

A rider survey has been handed out at several trials since our last meeting and we have nearly 50 back, these will be aggregated and the results published to clubs ready for discussion.

We want ideas from the clubs and riders on formulating what classes we run in 2008; this applies to the rule changes as well; all the changes will be collated and published to clubs for discussion and the results will be debated at the next meeting in May. It is the clubs present who are able to vote who will influence and ultimately decide on what we change at an EGM in September.

Get the trials results onto the website so the riders can see them.

Upgrading of riders needs sorting and this means that the recorder must see results from all SE Open to Centre trials, all clubs must send these to him. Those riders who must upgrade are published in the TSM.

At some of the rounds the Intermediate route is too hard.

There is some investigation ongoing to simplify the way of identifying the riders’ route colour.

Some suggestions for the classes were handed over to start things off.

Any Other Urgent Business:

Communication from the Centre Chairman read out with regards to some Moto Cross & Enduro insurance, trying to get these events back within the ACU and the ongoing research in the next few months.

We should try to get more trials write ups into the TMX news as they cover lots of AMCA. Get your trials reports written up, keep them short and send them in to TMX.

We were advised that there could be an insurance issue at some trials that include roadwork. Most of the standard policies now seem to exclude cover whilst taking part in a trial and those riders are therefore uninsured on the road from the moment they sign on to the moment they sign off at the end. To accommodate this gap the ACU sorted out cover at a small additional premium but this is left to the rider in most cases to sort out. Knowing that insurance is unlikely to be in place, if the club running an event with roadwork does not check that each rider has the correct documents to ride on the public highway, and does not offer the ACU cover, there could be an incident waiting to happen.

Pre 70 Inter Centre Team Trial needs a club to run it, do we have any offers, the date is set on the 16th September and we have our managers in place. It needs to be on two pieces of land with roadwork in between. Get in touch with Jim Connor if you are interested.

Jim Parker the ACU Chairman is to be present at the Centre Board meeting on Wed 16th May at Blindley Heath to take comment from those present about how we want our sport to be run. We need to have a good attendance by clubs and delegates.

There being no further business the meeting closed 22.10pm

The next meeting is on Wednesday the 23rd May 2007 at Blindley Heath starting 7.45pm

A provisional EGM date of Wed 26th September has been set to accept or reject any changes to our rules, so that they will be in force for the start of the 2008 season.

Any apologies for the next meeting to Stephen Westley