Minutes of the SE Centre Trials Combine meeting 19th June 2007

Present: Bexleyheath, Double Five, Owls, Sidcup, Sunbeam, Streatham, Surrey Schoolboys, Talmag, Thames, (9 clubs with 11 members present)

Chair: Jim Connor

Apologies received and accepted: Bob Brown, Andy Hogg, Roy Piles, Peter Burton, Colin Mote and Roy Francis.

Minutes of last meeting: Ok 

Matters arising from those minutes:

Nothing yet has been received in writing from Carole Nash insurers confirming RTA insurance cover is in place whilst competing in a trial with roadwork.

Correspondence or telephone calls from clubs:

Eastbourne club are concerned that their Youth D trophy has not been received. Results and winners names and addresses have recently been sent to the company doing the trophies. For 2007 winners we want in place a system that sorts and delivers the trophies to us so we can present them at one of the early rounds.

SE Centre Trials Combine Championship Conditions, Regulations and Constitution:

Following discussion the 2nd, 3rd and 4th documents were agreed on to form the basis of our rule updating. These will now go to the Centre Board Management who will need to approve what rules we want to run trials under. Once approved all 4 documents will go out to clubs to look at in their committee to identify and resolve issues before the EGM on Wed 26th September at Blindley Heath 7.45pm

All 4 documents in the meantime can be viewed on the website  

By clicking on the rule changes to SE Trials button.

Any Other Urgent Business:


There being no further business the meeting closed 22.45pm

The next meeting is our EGM on Wed 26th September at Blindley Heath 7.45pm immediately followed by an ordinary meeting.

Any apologies, correspondence or telephone calls for the next meeting to  Stephen Westley