Minutes of the SE Centre Trials Combine meeting 23rd May 2007


Present: Ashford, Bexleyheath, Dorking, Double Five, Erith, Kent Youth, Owls, Sidcup, Sittingbourne, Surrey Schoolboys, Talmag, Thames, Witley, (13 clubs with 16 members present)

Chair: Jim Connor

Apologies for absence: Bob Brown, Peter Donaldson and Alan Clarke.

Minutes of Last Meeting: Ok

Matters Arising:

We will have a copy of the written part of the Stewards report available to us.

We have direct control over Championship events and indirect control over non championship open to centre events via the dates meeting.

Clubs are able to have closed to club events when an open permitted event is running nearby.

The Pre70 Team Trial is being run by the Congleton & DMC contact is David Jones.

Carole Nash insurers have repeated on the phone that riders with them do have RTA insurance whilst competing in a trial with roadwork, as long as the road is just used for getting between sections, they will be approached to put this in writing.

Footman James also agrees verbally that a rider is covered on the road.

Updating of Rules of the SE Centre Trials Combine:

The statistics produced from the rider survey were looked at first followed by the comments that the riders had written. From personal experience it was felt that riders liked and wanted ‘hopping on the move’. Problem can be that observers do not always correctly penalise them. Some observers might have their own interpretation of the rules and do we need to accommodate them or risk losing them if we insist on telling them how to. Sections need to be set so that ‘hopping on the move’ is not required and the problem will go away.

We moved on to the proposed updates to the rules.

1 ok, 2 ok, 3 detail will be agreed in Championship Regs, 4 ok, 5 ok, 6 ok, 7 ok, 8 agreed Experts ride on white route, Elite ride on the white route with some deviation gates and one sentence moved into ‘Guidelines’, 9 sentence taken out, 10 ok, 11 all present agreed we should use time limits on all championship rounds, 12 ok, 13 applies to all open events and only 1 of each document required.


1 ok after lengthy discussion, 2 first sentence deleted then ok, 3 added that in year of downgrading points and awards will not be gained, 4 ok, 5 ok.

Any Other Urgent Business:

During item 3 in the rules discussion the following was stated in reply to item 3 in AOUB from our 22nd Feb meeting; a club delegate said that if this was a reference to his club trial it was not true. They had a higher than expected entry that took them over the 100 number and had to issue numbers written in broad coloured felt pen, two were shown and were easily legible, also a letter from the Steward was read out confirming that he was satisfied with the clarity and form. Brief discussion took place on the cost of numbers that go over the 100.

There being no further business the meeting closed 22.47pm

The next meeting is on Tuesday the 19th June 2007 at Blindley Heath starting 7.30pm

Any apologies for the next meeting to Stephen Westley