Click to get your permit The info below is for guidance as clubs should obtain paperwork from their ACU Portal

permit requests are by email to permits secretary

permits and event forms will be emailed back to the club.


The permit and event return form will be emailed to you. If you do need them to be sent in the post please make this clear.

You must keep all paperwork from your event for 7 years for adults, and youth until they are 21

All ACU Permitted events must use ACU forms and not forms from other federations

Click on the relevant records form listed below and print off as many as you need for your event.

The Permit and Regs are set up for ACU SE Trials, although the forms you need for speed events should be similar if not the same. Just ask if you need a form specific to your event.

Other Centres contact your own Permit Officer or contact us to see if we are able to assist you.

All Clubs running SE Centre Championship rounds can use the SE Trials Website to display the programme and results to allow competitors to download the information rather than rely on the postal system. More information about this can be found here



 If any of the links do not function please let us know         Contact Us

 If you are unable to download any of the forms let us know what you need and they can be emailed to you  

Click on the Permit/Regs form and save it to your computer. Edit it with the details of your event and save it again. Send them as an attachment to an email or print them off and put them in the post.              

Permit Request Form    All Permit requests must be accompanied by a completed regs form

Regs for the Permit (Office 2003)       

Regs for the Permit (Office 2007)   

Permit Request Form for Speed Events (not trials) Word doc, can type in as much info as required.


Record Keeping Forms that you May Need for the Event

At all Trials you must use forms a) or b) plus c) to h) and o) and if you run an event that declares the result

a) Rider Signing On Sheet Adult Only                                       on the day you may need p) to v)

b) Rider Signing On Sheet Youth & Adult                                  

c) Officials & Assistants Signing On Sheet                              

d) Machine Inspection Failure Form

e) Injury/Incident Report Form

e) Serious Injury Form Checklist to be followed by senior club officials also form o) below

f) Environmental Checklist

g) Risk Assessment Form

h) Child Protection Incident Report Form

k) Basic Entry Form

m) Parental Agreement Form

n) Press Signing On Form

o) Clerk of the Course Report Form for Serious Incidents

p) Protest Form

r) Decision of Clerk of the Course Form

s) Appeal Form

u) Decision of the Stewards Hearing Form

v) Rule Infractions Decision of the Clerk of the Course Form