Use of the SE Trials website to display trials information

The regs need to specify that competitors do not have to send in the 2 envelopes with their entry and that they can get the programme and rider schedule plus any late update on the event from the SE Trials website.

Alternatively the club running the event can utilise its own website for this purpose.

The information to download is better handled when in PDF format as most computers have the Adobe Reader installed, word documents can be slow to display/download.

If you wish to use the SE Trials website send the documents on email as attachments as you would with the regs and permit requests.

It has proved useful to publish a rider schedule 1 week prior to the close so receipt of entries can be confirmed and a full schedule at the closing date and the programme need to be emailed promptly for display, as do the provisional results once they are available.

The benefit to the club is reduced cost for printing/copying and time to get the information out and the 'lost in the post' is eliminated.

Any questions about this just ask.

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